BYU Signature Card

The Signature Card account is a debit account on the BYU ID card. You can use your Signature Card account by swiping your ID card at any campus retail outlet displaying the Signature Card logo.

To make deposits, check your balance, or mark your card as lost/stolen please Login above.

Save Money by using your Signature Card!

Students, Faculty and Staff are not charged sales tax at campus dining facilities when they pay with their Signature Card. Signature Card authenticates the current status of each student, faculty, or staff member and automatically strips off the tax! The sales tax rate on prepared food is 7.75%, so on a purchase of $6.45 that will save you $0.50!

Many BYU Bookstore purchases are also free of sales tax when you present a valid BYU ID card! And, for added convenience, the Bookstore also accepts Signature Card to pay for your purchases.

Save BYU Money by using your Signature Card!

Did you know that every time BYU accepts a credit card payment, BYU is charged merchant fees for the transaction? These fees are eliminated when you use your Signature Card because Signature Card cuts out the middle man. With thousands of students making payments every day, the more we use the Signature Card system the more cost efficient our campus will be!

For the same reason, we encourage you to load your Signature Card with an eCheck to reduce the merchant fees charged to BYU.